About Us

Has someone ever asked you "Do you know someone that...?" As entrepreneurs, we get asked this all the time, and usually we have people in our network that fit the description, but we don't think of them immediately. There's just too many people across too many networks. That's why we built Branchly.

This is the Branchly team!

Branchly is proudly backed by DreamIt Ventures.

This is Nuseir!

Nuseir Yassin

Cofounder & CEO: The Janitor

Nuseir, a rising junior, is studying Economics and Computer Science at Harvard. Nuseir was born and raised in Israel. Green is his favorite color.

This is Peregrine!

Peregrine Badger

Cofounder & COO: The Athlete

Peregrine, a rising sophomore at Harvard, is studying Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. He is also a nationally ranked fencer. Olympics bound.

This is Fernando!

Fernando Irias

Lead Developer: The Heavy Metal guy

The DreamIt Alumni and Know-It-All all the way from Honduras. Computer Science graduate from UNITECH. He's the "I'm not leaving until I finish this" guy.