FAQ -- Branchly

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait...what do you do?

Branchly lets you search your contacts and easily make intros between them. You know when someone asks you to recommend your friends, two weeks pass, and you still can't remember who does what? Branchly does all the hard work to show you the best fits from your networks based on what you're looking for . Plus, its WAY easier to match people up, since you can search any of your social networks by skill, city, or name.

What do you do with my network contacts?

Nothing! We don't sell, share, or contact any of your network connections that you give us access to. In fact, all we do is extract as much data about your friends from the providers and organize them to you in a way that otherwise would have taken you...hours, months, and years. Mhm.

Whats so special about Branchly? Sounds like LinkedIn to me...

Noooo, it's not. Branchly allows you to search, refer, and connect friends together in an easy to use dashboard. Even better, Branchly helps you discover people in your networks that you didn't even know existed. It's like the LinkedIn search...but for all your networks online.

Tell me more about your enterprise solutions!

Well, we're glad you asked! Contact us to learn more about how we can help you streamline your employee referral program by showing your employees the best fits for your company's job. Give it a try. Contact us at